Anti-yo Entry 2 "five Finger Discount"

Introduction: Anti-yo Entry 2 "five Finger Discount"

If the youtube picture doesn't come up, the video still works if you click on the play button.
Here is my second entry for the Anti-yo worldwide video yoyo contest

The suicides in this video are much more useful than they appear because once they are learned whips, hooks, lacerations, and types of slacks will be much easier to do. They will be kind of hard at first but after a few days I think you will be surprised at how easy they become and how it helps other elements of your yoyoing.

Five Finger Discount
This is any pattern of consecutive suicides (usually singles but doubles work too) that land on every finger in order from thumb to pinky.
1. Throw a trapeze
2, Swing the yoyo to the right.
3. Let go of the loop with the goal of it flipping over your throw hand counter-clockwise.
4. At this point the trapeze and the trapeze loop should be doing a counterclockwise “flip”
5. Insert your thumb into the string loop and you should now be back a trapeze.
Now (while keeping the counterclockwise momentum) repeat all the steps but instead of landing it on your thumb, land it on the next finger to the left and so on until you get to your pinky.
This is a excellent trick for people that can get a couple regular suicides but still can’t always land on the right finger. This trick will naturally teach you proper technique for opening up suicide loops. Don’t swing the yoyo to hard!, just enough to get it to flip a little. Then using your throw hand, pull your hand under (and right) the yoyo because this will make a massive suicide loop. Even if you can’t get the whole way to the pinky at first, it will help your suicides a lot, trust me.

Triple suicides. This trick is very very unique from a double or single suicide. Whenever you do the trick, you start to feel the yoyo ‘drag’ and you get about half a second of extra air time from pushing against the string so fast. If you can already do can do a double suicide, please try to learn this. Its basically the same difficultly as a double but the drag feels really neat. Not only is this trick extremely fun, if helps with technical slack stuff and lacerations.
1. Throw a trapeze.
2. Swing the yoyo to the right.
3. Release the loop.
4. Push the loop around with your throwhand middle finger by rotating your hand around the yoyo three times. *
5. At this point, your throw hand will stop moving and the suicide loop will fly over to the left.
6. Insert your finger into the loop and you should be back where you started.
*Whenever pushing-and-rotating, try to rotate your finger as close to the yoyo as you can. This will create more drag and open up the loop more.

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