Antique Door TV Cabinet With Secret Sliding Drawer and Electric Lock

I had old antique door and wanted to do something with it.  My wife had been bugging me for a new tv cabinet.  I sketched a few designs and this is the one I went with.  I wanted to keep the door basically the same size, so it would be recognizable as a door.  If you like my instructable please vote for it.  Thank You.

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Step 1:

I used the door to determine the size of my TV cabinet.  The approximate dimensions of the door are 68" tall x 24" wide.  I had an advantage that the door was only 7/8" thick, most doors can be 1 1/2" thick.  I cut the door into five pieces, sorry there aren't any photos of the rough out.  I forgot to take some, I cut the two ends of the door to equal pieces approximately 22" wide.  This will depend on your door size.  The next step is to take the middle section and cut it into three pieces, this will give you trim for the middle of the door when you put the cabinet together.  The next step is to lay out the cabinet, I used 3/4" plywood for most of the cabinet ( since I was going to paint it).  I decided to make it about 34" tall, you cut and fasten the plywood together.  I fastened all the upright pieces to the bottom piece.  Then I added some 1x4"s across the top, to tie everything together.  Then I added the face to the top, I used different length and widths to give a old look.  

Step 2:

The next step is to add the trim to the front of the cabinet and to the top and bottom.  I used two different trims, the first one is a 1/4" cove and the other a roman oggee bit.  I made all the trim by using my router and router bit on the edge of a 1x4" and the trimming to size on the table size.  After attaching the trim I added 1" x 10" feet to the bottom trim, eight feet in total.  

Step 3:

The last step in the rough out is to make the drawers and the upper doors.  I laid the upper doors out so that if you lean your head and look at the cabinet it looks like an old door with a side light.  The drawers I wanted to slide all the way out so you can see all the dvds.  Make sure to mock up all the drawers and doors, after finishing it makes it really easy to put it back together.  

Step 4:

Finishing is the last step, my wife chose a bold yellow color.  After sanding and filling a few small nail holes, I stained all the trim and top.  Also I stained the fronts of the drawers, after staining you tape off all the stained parts.  Then comes the paint, if you use a light colored paint then be ready to apply a lot of coats to get it looking good.  The cabinet has about eight coats of paint, now you remove the tape and do a few touch ups. Undoubtedly there will be a few spots of paint.  Now assembly the drawers will go on pretty easy and doors to, the upper doors I added chicken wire to.  This gives it the old country look, also I chose to keep the top open.  All the electronics will go up there, this will help to keep them cool.  Also I applied danish oil to the stained parts prior to painting, this will ensure that the oil won't make the paint shiny.  The last step was to cover the back in makes it fell more complete, I purchased a piece of thin 1/4" plywood cut it and stained it.  Applied it to the back, and now the most secret of all steps.

Step 5: Secret Drawer W/ Electric Lock

I had an electric lock hanging around and wanted to use it.  I designed the cabinet so that the center part of it would slide out instead of being a door like the rest of it.  Also I added an electric lock and switch to control it, that way I can keep unwanted guests out of my whiskey stash.  It kind of gives it that speak easy vibe.  I made a drawer like the other ones and mounted it on slides, then attached the piece from the door to completed it.  When shut the electric lock keeps it shut, and with a push of a button you are free to slide it open.  I used a 12V lock from ebay and a led 12V to 110V transformer to power it.  You should see the look on peoples faces when they go to open it and it is locked( priceless).  Sorry about not having a lot of photos.  Let me know if you have questions, thanks for voting.

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    3 years ago

    I'm lovin' it man! Seriously, it is straight up, cool! Pun intended!!! lol {Whiskey stash!} Nice job! I am also a fan of your electric lock. A stroke of genius.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's awesome. You had me at recycled door, but you blew me away with the speakeasy-style secret whiskey compartment. Thanks for sharing.