Antique Effect on Quilled Jewellery





Quilled jewellery often gets dismissed as kiddish or too colourful for adults to wear. A simple tutorial here to lend a metallic finish to an ordinary quilled earring

Step 1: Painting a Quilled Dome

Using a quilling mini mold, shape your tight coil to make a done and apply glue on the inside for it to hold shape. Paint it the colour of your choice (typically a brighter version of the target antique finish, e.g. silver for antique silver). Using a 3D outliner, draw a pattern on your choice.

Step 2:

Allow this to dry completely before working with it

Step 3: Antiqueness Addition

Start painting with the 'lighter' on the antique colours. I have used antique bronze paint

Step 4: Deepened Antique Colours

Dab a darker colour randomly over the surface (pearl metallic black used here)

Step 5: Making It Look Authentic

Dab some spots of a bright colour (gold here) to make the antique effect come alive

Step 6: Scraping for Highlighting

Using a lightly dampened rough cloth (old and used denim/linen work best), gently scrape off paint from the 3D outliner part. the pattern will emerge slowly as the acrylic paints get scraped off.

Step 7: Final Look

Once the scraping is complete, the 3D outliner pattern will stand out against the darker colours



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    Awesome tutotial.all the bezt for the contest

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