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Introduction: Antique Paper Art

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before this was just a plain piece of printer paper and now after some work it is a beautiful piece of art.

Step 1: Stuff You Need(paper Antiquing)

  1. sheet pan
  2. strong black tea or coffee.
  3. paper
  4. paint brush (not shown in picture)
  5. non stick silicone mat (silpat), paper may stick to pan
  6. an art medum

Step 2: Find a Pdf

copy a section from an online pdf and print it out.

for this I used an excerpt from pride and prejudice.

Step 3: Dying the Paper

pre - heat the oven to 200.

pour some of the tea or coffee in the sheet pan

dip the paper face down in the tea or coffee and gently brush the liquid over the paper.

let it soak.

lift the paper out and set it on a dry sheet pan

Step 4: Drying the Paper

heat the paper in the oven until slightly curled.

do steps 3-4 twice!!!

Step 5: Flattening

flatten the paper under a very big book to get all of the wrinkles out

Step 6: Now What?

time for art of course!!

Step 7: Rough Draft

draw a rough draft of whatever you want to draw on the antiqued paper. in this case i drew a heart with an abstract design in the center.

Step 8: Finished Product

hope you liked this instructable!! please comment below if you have any questions!!!

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