Antique Restoration Is Mostly Easy (brass Tepot to Mirror)



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There are a lot of old, broken, used, dirty things around us. Why not to give them second chance ? It is eco, it is trendy and the most important - it is cool to renovate something which then looks/works great once again. Belive me, digging up the old things from grave is very satysfying.

Oh, of course You do not have to have some super worksop or tools to do renovation. I will show You on the Brass Teapot example.

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Step 1: Disassemble and Wooden Parts Renovation

First step in every renovation is to disasemble all parts. Then You need to clean, repair or restore each broken part.

In case of teapot disasembling was quite easy. I used only pliers to do that.

In most cases restoration of wooden parts brings us to sandpaper and paint. This time was exaclty like this. I sandpapered the handle to remove filth with old paint and then I paint it once again using terpentine stain for wood. I strongly recommend such stain (terpentine based) because it is pretty easy to use. It is almost impossible to make bad stain smudges

Step 2: Renovating Metal Elements

Metal parts are usualy in good shape but covered with rust. It is easy to clen it using polishing paste. I recommend to use polishing paste which was designed to car's body. It works much better than ordinary polishing paste.

If You find places with ton of rust You can use steel wool or even fine grit sandpaper but be carefool. To much force, to little grit and You will end with awful scratches

Step 3: Assambly

When all parts are cleaned and renovated it's time to best part - assembly - and after that, restoration is over. Now You can enjoy Your old&new restored thing.

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