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Introduction: Antique Radio Conversion

About: Always loved electronics. I like to reuse parts or componets and I Love to be part of the Instructable community.
I'm trying to decorated my living room in 50's style, and my radio did not look the part, i'm not using it for CD's or cassettes, I just use it to listen to the radio and with the projector with the auxiliar input, so i thought i could fix everything that is really need inside this old radio i found on the street.

Next thing.... do the same with the speakers. LOL

I will be happy to answer any questions.



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    looking to restore a 1936 philco 660x any suggstions

    This is a lot like what I want to do with an old radio. Could you please go into more detail on how you did it? Especially with getting the knobs to still be functional. Thanks!

    Nice job.  Most people who do something like this don't go to the trouble of making the knobs work like original.

    oh my, i have that EXACT same stereo(the sony) with a busted cd changer... I have a suggestion though... the IR reciever... check and see if your speaker material is IR invisible. It just might be, and then you can hide the ir reciever behind the cloth, instead of the slightly visible current location. :-) Now, to scour craigslist and thrift stores for a radio with good bones to transplant :-)

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    That's a good idea, specially cause I'm planing to put a couple of little lamps inside thaw radio for illumination. Thanks ironsmiter!

    Im sad for that poor antique, You should have gone and built the guts based on other I'bles and that would have been loads better. But I do love bringing the old and new together. You are on the right track, my friend.

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    I love old stuff, when I got the radio I was planning to fix it, but it did only had one lamp, and it did look broken, it's really difficult to find the lamps. I feel sorry for the old radio too, but I thing that was the only way I could have it not just as decoration but give it some use.

    Nice job! I love these technological conflations! Built one of my own--kinda/sorta. Still, wouldn't it be better to have the WHOLE sound.sys in the old radio enclosure. Seems to defeat the effect having those bright, shiny Sony boomers sitting on either side of a forties vintage radio cabinet, but granted, that may just be me. :-)

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    Thanks! You're right, but the thing is that the sound system has 4 speaker, I'm planning to hide them or maybe make them look old.

    Got to agree with Trans but a very good reuse of a classic ...heck of a lot easier and cheaper then trying to find the tubes and such anymore