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 These are  costumes that used very minimal amounts of material. The Anubis headpiece is paper mache and cost pennies to make.I had a deflated basketball and a fast food plastic cup that I built the paper mache head piece over. Inside the head were battery operated  glowing eyeballs. The Anubis top is a tube of fabric with simple straps made from fabric that I drew designs on with markers, The skirt is two pieces, a front loin clothe and another piece that wrapped two thirds around the waist overlapping the front loin cloth and snapped on. The belt and collar were both a heavy weight gold fabric that I painted designs on with fabric paint. The throne is a cardboard box with fake muslin legs( made from an old pillow) hanging over the front. My son stood through a hole in the top of the throne and with the help of a hidden harness under the costume could walk without using his hands to pick up the throne. The staff is a painted dowel with a glued on wood adornment
   The Isis costume is a gold fabric halter with matching gold diaper-like skirt maade from an old shower curtain.. With a lot of trial and error and a couple of safety pins I managed to get the right look and folds in the Isis skirt. I added some gold trim for flair and found some great costume jewelry at the thrift store. The Isis crown  is a tube of cardboard cut to fit over the ear s and covered with fabrics. The eye was painted on.
   I fastened a rectangle of fabric to the back of the halter for a cape.

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