Anvil Stand From Small Diameter Log

Introduction: Anvil Stand From Small Diameter Log

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This tutorial is just for small anvil kinda for wannabe blacksmith like me hahahaha

Step 1: Choose Your Log

so i choose this 18cm (7inch-ish) diameter log because (somehow) fits my small railroad anvil

Step 2: Cut Your Log

This log is freshly cut and i don't have chainsaw,so i cut it with my machete and measure the level using bubble level

Step 3: Split This (marked Red) Small Log

i split them to about 6

Step 4: Nails Them to Place

nail your splitted log to place!

and you're ready to go

Nailed it



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    Nice. I think it is great when people are able to creatively solve their problems using just the materials that they have on hand.

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