Anxiety Necklace


Introduction: Anxiety Necklace

This necklace displays a person's anxiety level according to body temperature. There is a temperature sensor placed on the back of the neck to get accurate readings. According to these readings, the RGB LED placed within the necklace locket will light up in different colours.

For this project, the lilypad Arduino was used. It is also placed at the back of the necklace. This is a piece that accentuates your feelings as an extension of yourself through the light in the necklace. Enjoy!

Step 1: Gather Materials for a Necklace

Step 2: Here Are the List of Parts You Need

I used the Arduino LilyPad, and the RGB light as well as the LilyPad temperature sensor

Step 3: Plan Out Which Lights You Want to See Light Up

also make sure you make the connections you need to make

Step 4: Make Small Fabric Pouches

These will help to cover the tempreture sensor as well as the lilypad

Step 5: See It Light Up!

The necklace changes colour according to your body temperature.

white=calm (optimal body temp)

yellow=agitated (warm)

orange=nervous (hot)

red=Extremely nervous (very hot)

Step 6: CODE!



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    I'm hot natured, so it would always be red, but I suppose I could lower the rawTem multiplier or the range values further below. kudos for Anchorman playing in the background. And finally, nice knockers.

    5 replies

    I wonder what the chances are of a 28 year old from Alabama noticing something other than the necklace. Percentage wise?

    1% because I am; and you know how to view profile information. Would you like a medallion that lights up? Your on the right page. Here's your sign.

    Right now where I am its 10 below zero, -25 with the wind. Visibility depends on how deep the snow drift is that your next to. Once you get the parka on, and the knee high boots, and the hat and the parka hood over that and sometimes goggles about the only thing left to notice is if someone is standing up much less what gender they are. And more or less certain they are a person, but who knows, they could be space aliens. Police don't have to tell people to put their hands up, it would take you 5 minutes to dig a gun out from under all of that, unless its a hunting rifle and that is kind of obvious. Except no one goes hunting in a blizzard. A thing I have noticed though is that LED's do work in the cold. So a necklace might glow and give you a little bit of a warm feeling but nobody would notice. Someone once described their job to me as being like that but they took a little different angle. "working here is like peeing in a pair of dark pants. Its gives you a nice warm feeling but nobody notices." At least making comments isn't like that. Lots of people notice.

    I always look at profiles before I comment on anything. Don't know if you noticed but the author has chose to be gender neutral. Which means that the person in the pictures could just as well be a model and not the author. Most of us enlist others as stand in's when we are in need of someone to give a demonstration. "Here, this is for an instructable, just hold it like this and don't scream when the bright lights go off".

    Always remember, a good sense of humor is the key to surviving in a society, and the key to a society surviving itself.

    Perfect gift to a friend before playing a game of magic;)
    Great instructions!

    This could be very handy in a power outage.

    I wonder if a smaller version would work for a cat collar.

    And along that same line, it would be great for a deaf person to help keep track of their cat in the dark. Lots of people put bells on their collars but if you can't hear the bell, then an LED would work instead.

    So, take that idea to cloud source funding, get development money and sell them to Pet's Mart and every other store and get wealthy. Your welcome.

    How about a light up collar for dogs that is normally off but when they go missing and out of contact for a certain period of time, say like a day, the collar lights up so anyone who sees it will know that the dog is lost.


    3 years ago

    Then your ice cold

    Smart idea! Thanks for shearing :)