Anything Can Fly!!!( a Simple RC Kite!)




Introduction: Anything Can Fly!!!( a Simple RC Kite!)

Hey there! Do you know anything can fly until it is the enemy of gravity! In this technologically driven world, we have loads of planes of different types. But have you wondered of creating a unique one to fulfill the dreams of flying?

Let me take you to a guide of building a unique flying machine, an RC kite! It super simple machine with lots of aerobatic capability! An awesome parkflyer for calm evenings!

Step 1: Materials

Ok. Now get all the materials required. Here is a List.

Frame construction.

  • carbon rods(1mm)
  • Super glue
  • wheels


  • micro brushless motor (200g thrust)
  • 10 amp ESC
  • 5g servo
  • 2 cell 300mah lipo
  • Transmitter and receiver


  • pushrods
  • control horns
  • Light plastic cover
  • propeller


  • Pliers
  • Pair of scissors

Step 2: Building the Frame

Lets start building the frame!

Bend a 75cm long carbon rod and attach a 30 cm long rod to its base. Not make a letter T shaped structure and glue it inside outer frame. Now make two separate horizontal stabilizer each,half the size of the base. Also make a vertical stabilizer by curving carbon rod of about 30cm.

Its covering part!

Now cover all these parts with a thin plastic cover with super glue. The cover should be stretched while gluing it on to the frame. let the parts dry for a while. Later stick the vertical stabilizer on to the back portion on the frame. Next hinge the joints between horizontal stabilizer and the frame. You can you tape or plastic hinges for this.

Landing gear

Make a V shape using thin metal rod with edges bent a little. Slip on the wheels and block the edge with rolling a thin piece on sticky tape. This way the wheels will not pop out while running. Glue the gear to the frame with super glue.

The frame is now Ready!

Step 3: Adding the Electronics

Mount the servo on to the frame with super glue connect appropriate length of pushrod to the servo with the other end going into control horn mounted on the horizontal stabilizer. Connect one of the servo to channel 1 and other on channel 2 on receiver. In the transmitter, mix up channel 1 and 2.

Use a light plywood for the motor mount. Use screws and super glue to connect it to the frame. plug the motor wires into the ESC.

Mount the ESC on to the frame with Double sided sticky tape.

Now mount the battery and check the centre of gravity by placing two fingers on either sides. Hold the fingers at 25-30% length from the tip of the frame(near the motor). Now it should balance properly or else move the battery front or back to balance.

That is it! Turn on the transmitter and plug in the battery and you are all set to take it off vertical!

Step 4: Zoom!!! Fly It High!

Watch it fly high in the sky!

here is the video. It was a winding day!

RC kite

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