Anywhere Beer Pong on Wheels

Introduction: Anywhere Beer Pong on Wheels

About: I am a stay at home Mom and wife of a coalminer . we love creating things and saving money by making old things into something new and exciting. projecting is a passion of mine. I have 2 daughters under 10...

We love to play beer pong so I created my own version to take anywhere. It can be taken apart and stored and it is on wheels. The project requires sewing and took me about 2 hours. Camping this summer is going to be a blast when I roll out the Beer Pong I made. Hope you like my idea and if you make one share your photo with me. Seeing what you can elaborate on this would be awesome.

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Step 1: Materials You Will Need

Sewing machine
2 yards vinyl fabric
2 yards heavy fabric
portable clothes rack
1 inch elastic
ping pong ball
an urge to party

Step 2: Buy or Make a Clothes Rack

For my Anywhere Beer Pong, I wanted something that rolled and could be taken apart. I also wanted to be able to incorporate more games later so it had to have a way of removing the original game and adding others. I found a clothes rack at a major chain store for 14.99 that fit the criteria. I am sure you could find a way to make your own but since we do alot of camping I considered this my best option on how well it would hold up. I followed the easy instructions it came with and assembled it.

Step 3: Cut Your Fabric

I wanted my fabric for this to be heavy duty and for the beer pong side to be non absorbing of any liquid and easily wiped off. I found some placemat vinyl like fabric cheap online for 4.50 a yard. It was heavy to be able to withstand 10 cups of liquid. I had 2 yards of this. I hung it over the clothes rack at the height I wanted it when playing the game and marked where I needed to cut. I then cut the vinyl material and set it aside. I had this roll of heavy wool like material to use for the backing so I laid the vinyl fabric on top as a template and cut the fabric to the same size as the vinyl leaving the bottom length longer so I could fold it up over the vinyl to make storage.

Step 4: Sew Top to Fit Over Rack

Put the opposite sides of both fabrics together and sew just across top. Flip the vinyl side over facing you and 2 inches from the seam where where the fabrics connect, sew across both fabrics again. You will hang it on the rack through this opening. I showed on this step how it should look. Take one side of the rack apart and slide what we just sewed over it.

Step 5: Sew Sides

Take off rack and with right sides out just sew down both sides. do not sew the opening you made to hold it on the rack. The edges on both fabrics I used will not fray and I could have stopped here but I wanted storage pockets. They backing was then turned up over the vinyl and I sewed it on the side and in the middle.

Step 6: Cut Elastic and Sew on Vinyl

The hanging fabric portion is heavy and able to hold cups of liquid so I chose to use 1 inch elastic band to secure them. Cut 10 3 inch pieces of the elastic. place them on the vinyl side of your project and secure in place by taping in the middle. There should be 4 on top evenly spaced and they should go down to one making an upside down triangle. Sew each on by sewing on each side leaving middle open to place cup. I sewed it by going forward back then forward again for stability. Remove tape and hanging threads and hang back on the rack.

Step 7: Use Your Anywhere Beer Pong

Place your cups in slots and get your ping pong ball's. You are ready to play a drinking game you can take anywhere. Outdoor Beer Pong couldn't be easier.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    cool concept! I'm not sure how easy it is, but you may need to alter the rules a little since you cant bounce/defend now :) if you do you should post them here too!


    Reply 5 years ago

    yes no bouncing so it's the same but with just tossing into cup. We used it the other night and the games they came up with were pretty good. we wrote numbers on cups and if you missed you drank out of your beer... if you made it in a 3 cup everyone else took 3 drinks. it was cool because you left the cups filled with a little water in throughout the game.