Introduction: Aperitif-Bike

This is the "bike-aperitif"

all the steps are in the vidéo

If you have any questions about the process dont hesitate to contact me



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    Excellent ! Beau travail, pour une noble cause !


    2 years ago

    How does the wooden box attach to the bike frame? Does it just jam in place or did you use fasteners?

    Great job i really am a large supporter of your work PLEASE keep up the great work!!!

    je suis vraiment un grand partisan de votre travail s'il vous plaît garder le bon travail !!!

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    merci beaucoup :) je vois que vous vous mettez au français continuer c'est une langue pleines de recourses

    Hi !

    It's a lovely vehicle you behave ! Could you tell us a bit more ? What's the average consumption ? I mean: how much liters of "fuel" does it needs to run 100 kms ? :)

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    i'm not sure if you're trying to make someone laugh because you're not. Watch the video again and think about your question.

    Yes I tried to make some kind of joke, because I found funny that to embed fuel (the 'aperitif') for the motor (the man riding the bike).
    Sorry if I did a mistake writting my post because of the translation, or sorry if you did not understand well... The main goal was to thanks the author for this instruct able not to trigger aggressive replies....

    That's a great idea, These should definitely be sold in stores!