Apocalypse: a Knex Pump Action Shotgun

About: I like to build k'nex guns! I know I'm roughly 5 years late to all the good k'nex guns, but I'll still try.

If 5-10 People ask for instructions, I'll post instructions for Version 2 (It's more sturdy and has a better stock)
-20-30 foot range with 1 band
-8 rounds in a matter of seconds
-Relatively Easy to build
-Handle is uncomfortable
-Not the best looking
-Somewhat Flimsy
-Oblivus: V2's Stock
-CRAZYCREATOR187: Mech, Body and V2's Support
-Lowney: Turret
-Me: Putting the together and executing the idea
-It's version one, which I have long destroyed, Version 2 (What I currently have) I have no pictures of.
*Why not a mag?
-Mags don't work for me, they either are too strong and jam as soon as I pun the pin back, or don't load at all.
*Why did you build it?
-I've always wanted an easy to build, low part, rapid firing gun, which I finally made.
*Extra Notes
-Contains 3 UNNECESSARY broken white rods, they're for extra stock support
-Most of the gun is hollow, I just used Oblivus' stock frames, but they're still his.
-Contains 'Exotic' pieces like y-connectors and a double-sided stud connector (It's unnecessary, but for the 'red dot' sight.
-May take me a decent bit of time to make instructions.

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    20 days ago

    Thanks For Checking my First (Posted) gun! :)