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Introduction: USB App Stick

This is my contribution to the USB Contest.

You don't know whats on your USB Stick? You have to many of them which look the same?
Here is one which is only for my music!

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Step 1: Preparation

First, I took the small 2 GB USB Stick apart. Then I printed out the app icons on glossy photo paper and I cut out one of them. For the back I cut out a white one in the same shape. So it is possible to have any app icon on your stick.

Step 2: Wood Box

To fit the print out onto the USB Stick I cut out some litte wood pieces and glued them together. With a file I brought the corners into that app shape. After that, I covered the edges with the same whith glossy photo paper.

Step 3: Finale Assembling

Finaly you have your personalised USB music stick!

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    7 years ago on Step 3

    It would have looked nice even without a picture on it.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    So, Applications, Program installation, Auto-run script instructions?