App Inventor + Arduino Analog Voltmeter


Introduction: App Inventor + Arduino Analog Voltmeter

There are many arduino voltmeter project on the net.

Im upgraded little, and replace the lcd to the android phone.

In the android app, the scale is for 8Volt, but that not the max.

The app inventor part is based on imagesprite rotating. Every volt is 22.5° (180/8)

App is in the video, arduino code download link in video description as always.

Step 1:



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    can you explain this please

    val = (val * 4.7) / 1024.0;


    1 reply

    we know that the arduino microcontrôler have CAN with 10 bits so the max value is 1023 is associated with 4.7 V max voltage for arduino

    Sorry, old project, if no link here or in the video description, then i don't have anymore the project files.

    Can you send me the apk?

    where can i get the images used in the app

    Hello ,

    I would like to read on my smartphone the state of a sensor ("0" or "1" ) .
    Maybe you 'd Arduino code and the app inventor code ?

    Perhaps can you help me?


    Oh, wow! That is a pretty genious idea. Thanks and do check out my site