Apple French Fries

Introduction: Apple French Fries

Materials required

2 Apple preferably having good looks

1 knife

6 tooth picks

1 scrapper or tip of knife will do.

1 fruit peeler

Aim:- To make a McDonald's style French fries with stand

Step 1: Start

Cut the bottom of the apple so that it can stand up freely on flat surfaces and engrave the McDonald's M logo on the apple using a scrapper or knife end tip, you can use tooth pick pieces to highlight the logo.

Step 2: Making French Fries Stand

Use knife to dig out a pocket in the apple.

Step 3: Connecting the French Fries With Stand

Unlike potato, here we use apple to make french fries, peel of a apple using the peeler and cut out rectangle pieces of apple which are having the shape of French fries, Use tooth pick to connect the french fries to the apple stand.

Step 4: Finish

You can serve it in your party and make your friends happy.

I am Loving it...



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