Apple G4 CUBE Tissue Box




Introduction: Apple G4 CUBE Tissue Box

[Featured in the February 4th Instructables Newsletter!]

An oldie but a goodie, Being a macgeek I fell in love with this idea when I saw it in 2001
and I thought I would revive it for the instructable crowd.

Step 1: First You Need a Apple Cube

Ebay, is your easiest place to find a Apple G4 cube, but for the case itself you will pay $70 and double that for a actual mac cube computer.

Step 2: Taking It Apart

the Apple g4 Cube is a joy to service / take apart, you click down on the handle, and pull the whole computer assembly right out of the case, Put that aside
(you can still use the computer, without the shell)

Step 3: Removing the Upper Housing and Air Filter

Four torx screws holds the top piece in place - just unscrew the 4 screws, and pull out the plastic vent,
leaving the two side panels.

Step 4: Putting in the Tissue Box

Buy a square box of tissues, and using a small bungee cord, using the two side panels strap the box so it fits tightly between the two panels

Step 5: The Finished Product

Now you will be the envy, or all the other geeks in your home, or office.
And when they start to cry with jealousy you can now hand them a fresh tissue.

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    That was 4 years ago man, I can't believe you just replied.

    $70! I can't find it for less than a hundred at best!

    as an Original Day ONE Cube Owner I am appalled at this I just hope to G*D you put the left overs on ebay or to some other CUBE enthusiast to repair other cubes. I'm still sick about the guy that gutted a 20th Anniversary Mac to hack a PC in to it

    1 reply

    There is a book called "the cult of mac' which explains why the fan boy factor is
    so high, how many people out there LOVE there dell?


    I don't see how you can love an inanimate object though, especially a computer.

    I used to own a Mac, it was an alright computer, but i never got to the stage of plastering everything with Apple logos.

     Why do Windows 7 buyers have the need to tell everyone that they love their computer, when they half know how to use it and how they can't get it through their thick skulls, that on an Apple, its possible to run more than 10 applications at one time and not freeze or crash, where as a PC can only run 4 programs and then it has to take a break and it needs a reboot.

     It all depends on how much RAM and what type and what speed your CPU is, computer speed is not solely determined by your OS.

    actually i dont think it depends on your ram... the macbook air for instance, features Flash memory, no hard drive what so ever, and it has the new feature called instant on, which means that as soon as you open it up, it is ready to go... no pc can do that by the way