Apple & Sandwich Cake




Introduction: Apple & Sandwich Cake

I love how cake can be anything and still be cake! I got a ball cake pan from a friend and with my sisters 12th birthday coming up I thought, whats spherical and fun? Answer: Apples! To add a bit more cake for the hungry hoards I thought I would make a sandwich too!

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Step 1: Step One: What You Need…

A cake board
Fabric to cover
Ingredients for your cakes, we made a hawaiian cake and a victoria sponge
Ball shaped cake pan
2 x 20" Circle cake pans
Grease proof paper
Fondant Icing
Green & Red food colouring
Knife, spatula etc.

Step 2: Step Two: Getting Started

To give the cake a picnic-y feel I decided to cover the cake board with Green Gingham fabric.
Measure out the fabric about an inch larger than the size of the board.
Wrap around and staple on one side.
Pull and staple on the other side.
Repeat on the remaining 2 sides giving a slight envelope fold to the corners to keep them neat.

Step 3: Step Three: Make Your Cakes

Follow the recipe on your cake to make the batter
Before you put the batter in the round cake tins draw around the tin onto a piece of greaseproof (or any clean!) paper
Fill your ball tin up halfway and follow the instructions to bake
Split the circle batter into two tins as equally as possible!
Bake for recommended time and allow to cool completely.

Step 4: Step Four: Sandwich!

Using the greaseproof paper circle from Step three cut out a bread shape. Make it a bit smaller than the circle you drew so you can cut the edges clear off.

Step 5: Step Five: Fondant

Dye a piece of fondant with the red food colouring
Roll out thinly and drape over the ball shape cake
Use your hands to smooth the fondant into the ball shape. Don't worry if it tears, if you're gentle you can smooth over the icing to re-join/patch up!
Place onto your cake board

Step 6: Step Six: Cut Your Shape

Using your template cut the cooled circle sponge cakes to the shape of bread. I did both at the same time so they were the same size. Trim any loose bits and shape the edges
Place one piece of 'bread' onto your cake board
Slather with jam & whipped cream
Sandwich together!

Step 7: Step Seven: Leaf

Dye another piece green and cut into a leaf shape and score lines on to decorate. Place this leaf at the top of the cake (I pressed into the cake gently at the 'crown' to make an indent for the leaf to rest)

You're all done!  A fun centre piece cake!

Hope you enjoy it!

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    3 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    thanks! I think it turned out great, I made a pineapple cake but putting apple in might have made more sense!


    9 years ago on Step 7

    Wonderful! That is such a great idea! It looks tasty too. I couldnt help but think of biting into that apple cake! I dont think i could've stopped myself putting pieces of apple in the cake batter before I baked it. Thanks for sharing!