Apple Sauce

We're gonna be making apple sauce today :) what you will need are :
some leftover apples that are a little bit past their dues date
A blender
A stove
a large pot
And a peeler

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Step 1: Apple Peeling :)

As we all know apple peeling is a tad bit tedious but you have to do it anyways :( just peel about 12 or so apples and quarter them once you're done. Put them in your pot now :)

Step 2: Apple Cooking

So now you're gonna put a bit of water in the bottom of the pot with the apples. Cook them on medium for 10 mins or until you think your done :)

Step 3: Blend Those Apples :)

Now we're gonna put them in the blender with cinnamon and honey to taste :) Then just blend them till they have the texture you would like :) taste it. If you like it then put it in a container and you're done :) remember to put it in the fridge for storage

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    3 years ago

    :) Just keep trying


    3 years ago

    Nice! We love apple sauce but mine never stays light colored, always turns out darker :( This has inspired me to try again. Thank you for sharing!