Apple IPad and Android Tablet - 5-minute Lego Reading Stand

Introduction: Apple IPad and Android Tablet - 5-minute Lego Reading Stand

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It is a weekend, and the weather is really great over here. Its around 20'C and little bit of drizzling once in a while.
Finally thought of reading the Steve Jobs book.

Since yesterday, I was so much busy reading it chapter after a chapter, finally I thought I want to read it also while having my lunch today. It is a typical sunday afternoon and over here at my house the lunch consists of a really spicy chicken curry and with rice made by mom. It needs a hand to eat and unlike a western food you hardly can eat indian food with a knife/fork or neither it is chop-stick friendly. So thought of mounting my Samsung tablet on to something so that I can both read as well eat my food. I got some mobile phone wood stands, but none did the job. The add-on case which I purchased of this tablet is designed to mount in landscape mode, but not in the portrait mode.

Finally decided to make a quick and sturdy reading stand. I took my stock Lego bricks and made this in just 5-minutes. As you can see it is fairly simple enough. Although myself an engineer I need to little do step by step by trial and error, to make it sturdy enough. To support the weight of the tablet, you need to make it the way I did. You need enough back support to hold the entire weight in both portrait and landscape mode as shown. So it is quite balanced and I added slowly more and more bricks to make it look symmetrical, and yet not to compromise on its balance/support.

I had attached pictures of both side-view and sort of top-view of my lego reading stand I did which should give you some fair idea.

So, there you have it!
A simple and yet a rock solid Lego Tablet or iPad reading stand. Since it is Lego, you can adjust the angle, and make more customizations. Also you can choose the colors.

My mom is angry, for not yet started having the lunch, which she already served onto my plate, so I was in a hurry to make this structure, and so as you can see there are couple of red odd colored bricks within the main yellow structure ... ;)

I hope you enjoyed this DIY... feel free to comment with your posts, thank you for visiting this article :)


After few days I have done upgrade to the existing structure, so that the tablet is held more secure. There are few new pictures added with existing ones.

Cheers, Kiran Kankipati (Author/Founder: TrafficSqueezer -
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