Apple IPad Being Taken Apart





Introduction: Apple IPad Being Taken Apart

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 This is a slideshow of the Apple iPad being taken apart.  High-Def Videos and iPad parts are available from our website:



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    Do you have any suggestions for using or updating an original iPad (1)? It works perfectly, but no apps will load and even Netflix won't run on the installed safari. I hate to throw it away, but don't know how to use it.

    Haha lol to me that actually looks much simpler and cleaner, Apple really did a good job minimizing the space the mobo takes and integration of everything is really good, I was amazed at how much space there is in that thing :P

    Well, I was being both sarcastic and not at the same time. I did realize your point, but if you would look inside of all of those parts... 

    I've never been a fan, but when i think about it.. theres nothign really attactive about WINdows.

    You've never been a fan? Did you try being a propeller instead? ;)

    actually what I really love about linux is that it's fast and you can customize everything...

    I love apple for their great design ideas on iPods, but still hate that there are always usefull things missing (like using your iPod Touch as harddrive....)at

    So here comes my question:
    wouldn't it be great if someone posted an instructable on
    "how to make a personal iPad-like tablet-computer"

    (I know that's a big thing, but still: You never stop dreaming :D )

    It actually really isn't that hard.  All you need is a tablet with a CD drive or a compatible external CD drive and the install disc(s) for a Linux OS, such as Ubuntu's recently-released 10.01 LTS version, which has both the live CD and install in one CD.  After that, you'd just have to boot your BIOS into the disc and install Linux to the disc.  A simple task.  Also, most major spins of Linux (i.e. Fedora and Ubuntu) already contain drivers for almost all common parts (this most likely wouldn't work on the iPad, since Apple is very tight and closed, and doesn't want anything but Apple running on Apple) so you wouldn't have to do much after that.  Linux is a bit behind though on touch and multitouch interfacing, though, so it isn't exactly the best choice for a tablet yet.  Closed versions designed for smartphones (i.e. Android which is actually a version of Linux) would probably do much better with multitouch, although you would need good luck finding drivers for them since their small packages usually don't include drivers for laptops and tablets, only phones. General Linux definitely is probably not the best option for a tablet yet, but wait a couple years and I bet it will be much better. :P You can look at my above post for a ton of [boring :P] information on linux.
    You never stop dreaming, but that's a good thing! No one thought there would be a such thing as a tablet 10 years ago, and those who did were considered crazy!
    Hope this helped,

    No reason to use linux for a tablet, any OS more or less will do as long as it has touch support (win/osx/linux) - also yes, tablets were thought about 10 years ago ;P

    lol so tablets were thought of 10 years ago, but people thought they were dreaming ahead of time, exactly what this guy is doing here.  Which is what I meant.  Also, it isn't true that any OS will do the same because Linux is much more customizable, portable, and less resource-intensive than Windows.  You can run Linux on many, many platforms, especially with a bare-boned spin, but Windows requires many more resources for almost the same task.  Also, until Vista and Windows 7, Windows didn't automatically include and install drivers during setup.  Most major Linux platforms, however, did.  You won't get much more of a benefit in running Linux on a tablet than on a laptop or desktop, if any at all, but that's beside the point; I was merely explaining just how simple it would be to install Linux on a tablet.
    Ryan :P

     How about the wii-mote electric whiteboard? 

    Simply duct-tape a laptop to a laptop with a broken screen, attach a tripod and some simple auto-run apps to get it all working straight out. Cheap, simple, open to change and can double as many utilities. 

    lol do you even have a clue about what we're talking about? A wiimote whiteboard has nothing to do with linux. . . :P

    ... Yes, it does? It'll be identical to a wiimote white board, but running LINUX! No, really. It is needed, you need that extra customization not available to dos uses. Mac isn't even worth mentioning.

    That's true. I thought you were talking about something else, something completely unrelated. . . ;P but no really that is a good point. I just might do that! :D

    I was concepting something along the lines of a wii-whiteboard on a EEPC thats taped to a projector. It'd auto run all required software. HELPFUL!

    Simple to install yes, but be prepared to spend countless hours afterwards making everything work ;)

    Which is why I listed it as one of the cons above (Lance Mt.'s post).  Nearly all of Windows's interaction with the user happens in the GUI, whereas Linux still has much of its interaction in the Terminal, especially when setting up programs.  Which I why I also said Linux is not quite yet the best choice of an OS for a home user.