Apple IPod Nike+ Sensor Carrier




In this instructable we'll build a Nike+ sensor pouch that will attach simply and securely to your shoe - without the need to buy a brand new Nike+ shoe, or any other crazy contraptions that cost up to $10!

You will need:

1) fabric (nylon, hard canvas or other durable fabric)
2) durable thread (denim, nylon, etc)
3) Nike+ sensor
4) Needle
5) Scissors
6) velcro (1 inch)

Step 1: Cut Out

It's best to use a tough fabric like neoprene, or a plastic backing-type fabric such as harder nylon or even very strong canvas. The point is to make sure that it's sturdy and will withstand some abuse. You might also want to consider the running conditions - weather and humidity - in your fabric choice.

The cutout is pretty simple. Just follow these instructions and you'll have the right size for the Nike+ sensor

Step 2: Sewing

I used Denim thread to sew this together, as it's a tougher thread that usual. I don't know much about thread, but it seemed very tough for my purposes. You need to sew how the diagram shows - fold over the smaller piece, and sew it to the longer one (I know it's one piece, but it's easier to identify them this way). Anyway, 1 goes on top of 2. Over the top stitch worked for me, but maybe you have better skills/suggestions?

Step 3: Velcro

My favorite step! I love velcro, and it's the perfect material for this hack. Sorry about the diagram. The fuzzy piece goes on the side w/ the pocket, the hooks go on the other side (back-side) of the pocket.

Step 4: Closing

It's done. Simply slip the sensor inside of the pocket, string the side w/ the fuzzy velcro under 2 rows of shoe laces, and then wrap the pocket on top of the shoe laces so the two velco pieces can close. VOILA! It's a little pocket for your sensor, which is quite sturdy on top of the shoe.



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    5 Discussions


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    When you are using nike free the sole would never be able to accommodate the sensor cutting into it would destroy the shoe. I know they have the free everyday+ 2, I just prefer the 5.0 and 3.0


    12 years ago on Introduction

    The nice people at Sparkfun electronics have discected one of those iPod nike sensors.Link
    It appears to be a PICmicro with a transmitter chip, the sensing is done using a Peizo speaker as an impact sensor. They even have a connector board for the sensor (Ipod size).


    12 years ago

    frustrated little guy. anyway, it's CALIBRATED through the nano, and while the ORIGINAL calibration is for the special pocket in the NIKE+ shoe, it doesn't have to be that way. by the way, in this manner, you can use your Nano pedometer with ANY shoe, as opposed to the shoes that you destroy by cutting a hole in the sole. Also, did you know that NOT all shoe soles are thick enough for the adapter? stop harassing people, dick head.


    Reply 12 years ago

    the accuracy of the sensor can be tweaked by calibrating it through the nano. I tried it, and it worked very well. Additionally, cutting a hole in the midsole will most likely result in a broken pair of shoes.