Apple Pie



Introduction: Apple Pie

Sugar crust pastry:

- 250g of flour
- 125g of butter cut in dices
- 60g of crumbled butter
- one egg and 1/2 shell of water

Mix the flour, the butter, the egg and the water, then form a kind of ball, with the dough becomes smooth.
Let base "the ball" in a salad bowl during at least one hour.

The apple pie:

When the dough based, butter the mould and spread the dough there. Pay above three in four apple sauces.
In sides, peel and cut in districts five or six apples. Then scatter them in a circular way on the dough covered with apple sauces.
Before putting in the oven, pay a little white sugar on apples so that they gild with the cooking.
Put the apple pie in the oven and leave leather thirty minutes with 180 degrees.
Take out it of the oven to the oven of half on hour, let it cool and serve it at room temperature.



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