Applying / Installing Round Bullnose Drywall Plastic Corner Bead by Hand

Introduction: Applying / Installing Round Bullnose Drywall Plastic Corner Bead by Hand

To apply round bullnose drywall plastic corner bead by hand we are going to be using taping mud, which has glue in it so your beads stay on the wall.

We premix the mud with a little water, you don’t want to use the mud straight out of the box. We’re using a 5 inch knife and a pan to hold the mud. Put a fair amount of mud on both sides of the drywall, you want a lot of mud on there, you don’t want any dry spots. Once you got lots of mud on, you apply your bead. Use your knife to press on the bead in the center to squizze mud through the little holes and to make sure that the bead is centered on the drywall. We need to use the knife to fill all the little holes on the sides of the bead. If you need to add more mud go ahead and add mud but make sure that all the little holes are filled. There is a guide for your knife to glide on the bead, that’s where you knife needs to go (like shown in the picture to the right). Kinda hold your knife flat with the wall so that you roll the mud up or down filling the holes, we show you very well in the video. Make sure that your bead does not touch the ground, if your bead hits the floor and the floor was to ever move for some reason, the bead may pop off the wall. We use a round wiper knife to clean off the extra mud left on the bead, taping mud is not fun to sand with a sponge. Once we apply round bullnose plastic bead by hand , we need to give it at least an hour of drying time before we can coat the bead with our hawk and trowel.

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