Applying Skins to Your Skis.



This is a quick tutorial showing you how to apply skins to your skis. (Skins Make it possible for you to stick to the snow so that you can hike up the mountain with your skis on.)

NOTE: Before you begin to apply your skins to your skis, make sure that you have cut your skins to the appropriate length, and width of the ski that you wish to apply them to. Make sure to follow the instructions that come with your skins when cutting them.  

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Step 1: Your Skins

There are two sides to your skins.  One side is sticky, and the other side is made of fabric.  The sticky side sticks to the bottom of your ski.  The top of your skin has a cable loop that attaches to the top tip of your ski.

Step 2: Attaching the Skin to Your Ski

Place the cable loop around the top tip of your ski with the sticky side of the skin touching the ski.

Step 3: Applying the Skin to Your Ski

Lay the skin on top of your ski by holding the bottom of the skin in one hand, and pressing down with the other hand. Make sure the skin sticks to the ski.

Step 4: Clipping the End of the Skin to the Ski.

The end of the skin has a clip that attaches to the bottom tip of the ski. Put the end of the clip over the bottom tip of the ski and press down firmly. You want this clip to be on there tight so the skin doesn't come off.

Step 5: Go Skin

Now that your skin is attached, turn your skis over and enjoy the backcountry like never before. 

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