Aprendiendo La Biblia Mas/ Learning the Bible More

Introduction: Aprendiendo La Biblia Mas/ Learning the Bible More

This is a Board game & its gonna help by being able to learn the bible more & have more pratice.

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Step 1: Things You Will Need

You will need a bible, it depends on how many players will play ,you will also need a paper, size doesnt matter, but in that paper, you will put squares of numbers 1-68, but you will leave about 10 squares blank, in those blank squares you Will be able to do 10 happy faces,but scattered around, NOT TOO TOGETHER, Then you will need littleThings to be the player, it dont matter what the are, in my case, i used 1 medium sized bead, one mini flower, and one half sized heart, then you will make like 4 by 4 cm mini squares , and those will be the flash cards for the questions with a color highlighted on there & in front of those will be a number, you will also need about 9 Regular Composition or notebook paper and those will be used as the answer keys, you will put 1 number on each paper on top, and then put the questions qith the answers but divide them by colors depending on how they were highlighted on the flashcards, then you will need a dice, a spinning wheel or you can use like me, mini papers to put number 1-9 & 2 happy faces and a "miss a turn" one.

Step 2: How to Play- 1st Step

Each one gets what the player chosed as their lil figure to be the player,and you also get the board they made, and you get the spinner,or the dice or the papers(whatever you did) , and depending on what number you got, thats how much you move.

Step 3: Getting Happy Faces

If while your playing, you get a happy face... or get placed on a happy face, then you will have to take out a card & in the back of the 4 by 4 cm cards there SHOULD be a number , in the front there should be the question with a color,& whatever number you got, then you will go to the big normal composition/notebook paper & Go to the number you got & in the big paper there should be questions separated by colors , so that way it can be easier to find the question, and once you find it, the answer is there, but you cant give them the answer till they go look for it in the bible, if they get the answer right, then they move spaces front depending on the number, and if they get it wrong, they move back spaces depending on the number too. & you keep repeating this process till someone wins.

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