April Fool: the World's Simplest Stupid Office Trick





Introduction: April Fool: the World's Simplest Stupid Office Trick

This instructable details a simple stupid trick that takes 30 seconds to set up, yet still gets a laugh.

Step 1: Pay Attention, This Happens Fast...

You will need:
o A small "Post-It" note
o A writing implement
o A mark (actually, a mark's computer)

Step One:
Write "April Fool" on the Post-It.

Step Two:
Put the Post-It on the bottom of the mark's mouse, covering the sensor.

Yes, it's stupid. It still catches people all the time. We just don't expect things that simple not to work.
Yes, I know the pictures are lousy. So is my cell phone's camera.

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i did this to an IT teacher at my school and they couldn't figure out what the hell was going on! I like this trick and I do it all the time. XD

My personal favorite is to take a screenshot of their desktop, then delete all the shortcuts and icons, and set the screenshot as the wallpaper. They spend forever trying to figure out why they cant click to open anything.

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you don't need to delete all the shortcuts, you can also just do right click and there you can set the "showing pictograms' off :)

Another hilarious April-fools day joke on the technologically challenged is to pop random letters out of their keyboard and switch them around. This, however, works only on those who 'hunt and peck' their keys.

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However, you don't want to do that on laptop computers, as those keys can only pop off, not get put back on. Try explaining missing keys to your boss/colleague/friend.

 Both desktop and laptop keyboard's keys can be popped off and reattached. The only way a laptop's keys won't go back on is if they get broken when you take them off.

Exactly. The 4 key on the laptop I'm typing this on came off once. It then went back on perfectly. Except it requires a little more pressure than, say, my 5 key.

I set the bosses keyboard to DAVORAK , IT dude took it for a week to fix it (no replacement available ) hears a rumor it needed a lot of new shinny parts to fix. my wide screen monitor has a setting to rotate output 90 deg but the base does not rotate ,I guess if laying on floor it would be handy.my personal favorite is on my flash drive got the ie icon but the path is to shutdown ,plug in flash delete ie icon ,drag and drop one from flash.it is my plan to teach everyone about Firefox.Also the danger of not p/w your computer when you leave it.

Actually, we used to take the ball out, place a piece of paper or tissue in there and put it back together. 

If you flipped it upside down, it looked normal.  But when you try to roll the ball, it wouldn't work.

Ha ha. We did this to our science teacher last year. There's no better way to stall class than the teacher not being able to open the PowerPoint for the corresponding lesson. :)

Haha, nice one. I'd do it at work, but I'm the IT guy, so I'd just be getting calls from people saying their mice don't work ;)

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you should do it any way, and then say in response to them,"have you looked at the bottom?"