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Introduction: April Fool Toilet

Title say it all



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    How do you like being peed on, huh? - Toilet

    i like the ununderstandable grumbling and muttering.

    beware! the peeing toilet will not stop peeing till the basin is full, and it won't fill if the hose that fills it is not filling it!

    The "peeing" hose is there just to keep sewer gasses from coming up through the toilet drain while the tank is filling; the tank will fill just as fast as ever -- but that'll still seem like forever to the person who gets pranked.

    What that text of yours is so freaking funny!!!!Ha,hahahahahahahahah (me laughing). <=D"ha,ah ,ha , so freaking funny"

    the problem is that the water wont stop unless you push up on the baloon-like thing in the toilet

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    thats the funniest thing to bad you might not be there to see a reaction oh well having the thought of this happening to someone is enough to make you chuckle.

    yo could say him later "I heard Toilets dont like being pee'd, but i never saw one that pees people! "