April Fools Magic Trick

Introduction: April Fools Magic Trick

This is a trick that completely fooled my friends at school and a teacher even asked me to perform it for them. I created it myself by combining several card sleights and I received quite some complements from my friends.

I don't really like things that insult or annoy people so I thought this might be a great way of participating in the joyous event without irritating people.

IMPORTANT: I am left handed but I do not know if these are leftie or rightie instructions (as I originally learned tricks the right handed way). In fact, this may even be a combination of both. Find what is easiest for you.

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Step 1: What You Need

I will admit, this trick does use an extra card so if you have no duplicates, don't try this.
You need:
An ordinary deck of cards (I'm using plane cards because I don't have duplicates of my good cards).
A duplicate card with April Fools! written on it, and the card symbol in the top right corner
A small piece of paper.
Something to write with.

Step 2: Setup

This also involves a set up, so for people who hate set up tricks, stop now.
It is a very simple set up.
Second from bottom card - gimmicked duplicate
Bottom card - original card

Step 3: Hindu Force

Here you will force the spectator to pick your card that has a gimmicked dupllicate. If you know how to hindu force, skip this step, if not, watch the pictures below.
Pic 1: The grip.
Pic 2: Remove most of the deck from the BOTTOM of the deck.
Pic 3: Bring the pack that was removed to the top of the deck. IMPORTANT: As you do this, tell them to say stop anytime.
Pic 4: Another picture for clarification (April Fools! It's because the first one was too blurry. I can't tell if this is any better).
Pic 5: Shake some of the cards in the removed packet to the top of the other packet (I shook off too many in this picture).
Pic 6: Remove the rest of the pack, ensuring you are still carrying at least the two cards (original and gimmicked).
Pic 7: Continue from Pic 5 back to here until they say stop. If they don't say stop, just stop anywhere for them.
Pic 8: After they say stop, show them the bottom card...
Pic 9: ...which is the original card.

Good Job, you forced the card on them!

Step 4: Controlling the 'freely' Chosen Card

Now, you will control their card and the gimmicked card to the top of the deck.

Before the pictures: You should be holding a small pack now.
Pic 1: Spread out the cards in the pack with the original and gimmicked cards. In the picture, the two upside down cards nearest to my thumb are the original 2 of Hearts then the gimmicked 2 of Hearts.

Pic 2: Spread out the rest of the right hand deck and square up BUT keep a pinkie break on top of the gimmicked card (keep a pinkie break two card from the bottom of the right pack).

Pic 3: Here is the break.
Pic 4: How to do a pinkie break if you have not done one before. From the front, there should be no cracks. Please note that I am putting too much pinkie into the deck for demonstrational purposes. Not much flesh between cards is needed to retain a break.

Pic 5: Say "I will remove your card [at Pic 1] and all the other cards above it [Pic 2]... [pause and square the deck retaining the break] ...to the bottom of the deck". ONLY remove the cards above the break.

Pic 6: The situation you should be in.

If you want, you can appear to shuffle cards or cut them as long as the two cards stay on top. Only recommended for people who have done card sleights before.

Step 5: Double Lift

The most standard sleight in magic.

Pic 1: Riffle off the cards while you give some speech about ghostly cards that float to the top of decks. Once you reach the last two cards, show them the cards.

Pic 2: It should look as if you are only holding one card - the top card. You do not look at the card. You only show them. This is only to show how it looks as if I am holding only 1 card. When they go either 'whoa!' or 'lame', replace the two cards (still looking like one) back to the top. The top card should now be the gimmicked card.

Step 6: A Spot of Mumbo Jumbo Voodo!

Now claim you have voodoo powers, or that the paper cost $10 dollars a piece on the internet because it is special. In my opinion, claiming you have powers is more effective.

Pic 1: Grab out the pencil and paper.
Pic 2 Part 1: Ask them what their card is (although you already know, it seems as if you don't so the kicker is more effective). Write their card symbol in the top right corner and April Fools! in the middle.

Pic 2 Part 2: Rub it upside down on the top card, or wave some magical guesture while muttering strange words. The sillier you look now, trust me, the better you look at the end. Alternatively, you can be completely silent and pretend it is serious and difficult work. Ensure they see what you wrote before proceeding.

Pic 3: All of a sudden, tear the paper up and discard it.
Pic 4: I tried to remove this pic but it didn't work. Ah well, you can see all the ripping up action again!

Step 7: The Kicker

This step needs practice - more so than the other steps because this isn't a card sleight - it is what makes you look really cool.

Pic 1: Thumb off the top card.
Pic 2: Insert it very slightly into the side of the deck (and I mean JUST enough so it doesn't fall out. Anymore and it won't work)
Pic 3: Hold the deck and sticking out card about 10cm from a flat surface. Flick the gimmicked card at the edge. It should spin 180 degrees and hit the surface. It should look as if you flicked it and it materialized on the surface, somehow face up.

Pic 4: VERY IMPORTANT: Ensure you cut or shuffle the cards very quickly the moment it sinks in. Some people may have suspected it was a double lift and duplicate and will want to see the next card. If they don't ask, show them anyway. Show them the bottom too and anywhere else where they won't be able to see it. This must be done very inconspicuously so they don't ask to look through the entire deck. If you are a super pro magician and can palm or make the original vanish somehow, DO IT!

PS: I know that step three is leftie so invert if you are rightie!

Step 8: Enjoy!

Have fun with this trick! I managed to perform it to 5 different audiences in one day at school. Note - never perform it to the same person, even if they happen to be in both groups you perform to because they will be suspicious if both times the card is the same.

This does not have to be done on April 1. Simply change what you write on the card and paper and you're set!

If you know what the Magician's Choice is, you can set up several sheets saying what colour the writing will be, what font etc. and force them to choose what you wrote on the card.

Thank you for reading this instructable and have fun!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Really well explained!
    I never did magic trick with card before, and I mastered your within a hour of pratice, and I just did it to my friends. They can't get it :-)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thankyou for the feedback.
    I'm so glad worked! Have lots of fun with it!