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Introduction: April Fools' Marker Swap

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This prank is great for students or worker-bees, so whether you're stuck in a classroom or a boring meeting this prank is sure to get some laughs.

This prank involves swapping the insides of a dry erase (whiteboard) marker with a permanent marker. The markers look the same when applied to the board, but won't erase. It's the perfect prank to break up the monotony of learning discretization or reviewing quarterly statistical analysis based on global distribution deterioration.

You can probably guess how I did this by the pictures and this description, but here's how I did it.

Step 1: Tools and Removal

You need a dry erase marker and a permanent marker with similar diameter tips and ink reservoirs.

After removing the caps I used needle nose pliers to grip the tips of each marker to remove. Then use the pliers to open each marker and remove the ink reservoir. Carefully swap the insides of each and use the pliers to push the new permanent marker tip into the dry erase marker housing.

Step 2: Recap and Replace

Once you've swapped the insides place the marker back where you found it and wait for the class or meeting to start. To ensure that your trick marker is used, make sure to remove all other dry erase markers from the area so that there's only your trick marker left.

Return to your seat and wait for the prank to unfold!

Step 3: Cleanup

Pranks are meant to be fun and not hurtful, so this prank should be cleaned up afterwards. Luckily even permanent marker can be removed from whiteboards.

Method 1 - Acetone:
Nail polish remover can be applied to a cotton ball and gently rubbed into the marker to remove it.

Method 2 - Gum Eraser:
Gum erasers can be used, with plenty of pressure, to rub out the permanent marker.

Method 3 - Dry Erase markers:
By applying dry erase markers over the permanent marker lettering and then using the dry eraser most of the marks should be removed.

Have fun!



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    27 days ago

    Actually, I came here to get the sharpie with dry erase ink in it intead of the other way around cause its a great gimmick for magicians :)

    I remember back in Year 7, a supply teacher used a permanent marker on one of the smartboards XD

    ARGH! When I worked at a Engineering company, the engineers used perm. markers ALOT on accident instead of the dry erase markers. This ticked me off to no end since I had to be the one to always clean it off. Luckily, there are 2 ways to do this. 1st, scribble over the perm marker with a dry erase marker then wipe off. It really works! 2nd, they make a special pen for this exact situation now. Good prank!

    This is great!

    Denatured alcohol also works well for cleaning permanent marker, as long as the marks are relatively fresh.

    Acetone will likely take off the shiny surface of the board too, though, won't it?

    The dry erase method of removal works for most, but not all, of it, like you said... I think this prank could border on vandalism unless you are sure clean-up could be complete. If so, it could be a good one, as long as the board isn't needed for the next class right away.

    Haha! I considered doing that when i was designing my beeping pen, but decided against it. This is diabolical, I love it!

    Ha, I don't need somebody to play a prank for me to write on a whiteboard with a permanent marker...

    (Kudos for adding the "clean up" step.)