April O'Neal Cosplay

Introduction: April O'Neal Cosplay

About: Cosplayer and Costume maker. I make all of my own cosplay costumes and props and want to share how i make things with others

I put together this quick and easy April cosplay because my husband cosplays Casey Jones from time to time. It was really simple to put together, and I just thought I would put up a quick rundown of how I put it together.

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Step 1: The Jumpsuit

For the jumpsuit, I used simplicity pattern #8060. It is a wonderful , easy to follow pattern and I made no alterations to it at all,as it was already perfect for this costume. I honestly couldn't tell you exactly what the fabric is that I used for this costume. It was made from leftover yellow fabric that someone else had given to me.

Step 2: The Belt

For the main body of the belt I just used a piece of 3 inch wide elastic cut to the length I needed. The buckle is one from a belt that I found on a belt at my local Goodwill, which I removed and painted silver. For the ends of the belt ( the part that holds on the buckle, and the part that goes into the buckle to fasten the belt) I cut and sewed the shapes from some white vinyl and attached them to the ends of my elastic strip, attached the buckle to the piece meant for it, and punched holes into the other end for the bar of the buckle to be able to go into.

Step 3: The Shoes

For the shoes, I was lucky enough to find a brand new pair at my local Goodwill that were a good style for this costume, but they were originally dark grey in color and a little bit too tall. I cut down the tops of the boots and hemmed the edge, and then painted them white with a mixture of acrylic paint and textile medium.

Step 4: The Wig

The wig is a pretty basic short cosplay wig that I found on eBay for pretty cheap (around $12 I think). It was already cut the way I needed it to be, so all I had to do was curl out the ends a little bit.

Step 5: You're Finished

That's all there is to it. Enjoy!

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