April Fools Banana Split Cupcake Sundae

Introduction: April Fools Banana Split Cupcake Sundae

I made this for my kids on April fools day. They thought it was for sure icecream. But it was all cupcakes & frosting. They loved it! 


cupcakes (I used choc., vanilla & strawberry)
icing (brown, pink & white)
sundae dish
choc. syrup
rice krispie treats

First I put frosting in the bottom of the dish. This will help hold the cupcakes in place. I then made my frosting a little thick. To make it look more like icecream. I made brown, pink & white frosting. I then added white frosting to the top to look like whip cream. I made the banana's out of rice krispie treats. And covered them in yellow fondant. I also shaped the cherries out of fondant. Or you can use real cherries.The stem is licorice.I added the banana's, nuts, syrup & cherries. Taste yummy!!

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    6 years ago

    That's a really good idea how did u think of that