Introduction: Aquaglove

On a sunny summers days, what can be more fun that inflating things with water. This instructable shows how to create a massive water filled aquaglove. We then introduce a Dachshund and watch the Aquaglove burst.

There's a longer video in step5, and also more freeze frame images showing the aquaglove shaped tube of water collapse.

Step 1: What You Need

To inflate your own Aquaglove you will require;

  • Rubber gloves
  • Hose pipe and water
  • Plenty of outdoors space, well away from doors/anything electrical/sunbathers
  • Strong reinforced tape. Duct tape is ideal
  • Dachshund (optional)

Step 2: Construction

It only takes a few minutes to set up an Aquaglove. A well attached glove is the secret to a large Aquaglove.
  • The glove needs to be attached to the hose securely. When inflated to four feet long it will be heavy and under pretty high pressure. Use plenty of tape.
  • Between 1" and 2" of glove needs to be wrapped around the hose end. Do not wrap too tightly. Place the hose in the middle of the glove opening and carefully wrap the two sides of rubber around it. Wrapping both sides of the glove opening in the same direction maintains the shape of the glove.
  • Tape tightly around the twisted glove first, ensure the tape is smooth and then extend the tape down the hose about 2" to create a seal.
  • Check the glove is not snagged on any loose tape and place on a large piece of lawn.

Step 3: Inflation

Turn on the tap and let it fill up

  • Start off slowly, you may need to pick up the glove and untwist it once water fills it out
  • Once underway the tap can be turned to full flow

You can see how successful the seal is. It should allow the glove to inflate evenly, while holding in all the water.

Step 4: How Brave Do You Feel? Play With the Aquaglove!

Keep on adding water. It will get bigger and bigger.
Eventually it will burst.

Aquaglove games
  • Taunt the glove - as the Aquaglove reaches maximum capacity take turns to approach and taunt the glove. Slap it, sit on the ground next to it or mount it. Dare the glove to burst
  • Attack the glove - The glove is tough, and stronger than you would imagine. Balls and sticks will bounce off, but a well thrown spear will kill it. KILL IT HARD!
  • Aquaglove Baiting - See step5 for an example. We were lucky enough to have an excited Dachshund to hand. Wait until the glove it at maximum inflation, then release your slavering hunting beast. The glove will twitch and move in response to their aggression, this increases the attacks frenzy.

Step 5: The Optional Dachshund Step

Aquagloves can get very large. They shimmy and wobble as the water moves about. This seems to entertain our Dachshund Zak as much as it does us. First he was confused by it, then he attacked it.

Watch him go!

The glove is under massive pressure and stretched to it's limit. All the elastic energy is released when Zak bites it, the rubber retracts around the mass of water too fast to see.
The result is a perfect Aquaglove shaped blob of water in mid air, amazingly captured at just 15 fps.
See the intro step for a slowed down video of the burst, and below for individual freeze frames.

An alternative glove option - Purple Nitrile Laboratory glove



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    211 Discussions

    The dachshund is never optional ;)

    I always laugh when I see that first shot after the bite.

    Like something from the mind of Gary Larson.

    Thing is, the energy that's put into getting it there is wasted. It goes a long way before coming out of your tap.

    Water is never truly wasted. It will either evaporate into the sky, or go down a pipe into a water treatment plant which further goes to other places for them to use.

    1 reply

    Thing is, the energy that's put into getting it there is wasted. It goes a long way before coming out of your tap.

    well, depends on where you live. Melbourne water storage levels: 33.7 % full So they've asked us to try and use 155 litres of water only per day: how much does one of these hold? fun, but water is, you know, essential to survival. :)

    Water is a somewhat necessity in a lot of parts of the world. I live in the Netherlands, a lot of water, clean too, but still we manage to keep usage down.

    Just use rain water. The only real loss is the electricity you'll need for the pump.

    Solar panels, old car batteries, charge regulator and 12v pump for the win :)

    What about creating those things? I dont think they grow on trees... but I suppose if every atom of them is completely recycleable and the reactants and by-products are fully integrated natural parts of the world it is okay.

    Just being pedantic, If you think about it, everything on this planet is natural ;-)

    The only way you are going to do anything on this planet that will have no negative footprint on anything is to live in a cave, grow veggies, hunt animals with a spear, never wear clothes, walk everywhere all the time and never use fire... Not really possible in this day and age!!!

    Lead, silicon and copper comes from the ground, sulphuric acid is naturally synthesized volcanoes, latex rubber comes from trees and water is never lost, only transported to differnet places before sinking back to the water table, running back to the sea, then eventuelly gets evaporated and falls back to earth again restarting the water cycle.

    No you don"t have to do all this to make an aqua glove, but then again, you don't have to have a swimming pool or have a computer either, both waste energy for no physical gain in the end, but the right to have fun is written in the constitution, and even Abraham Lincoln told the population to be excellent to each other and to party on!

    Ok, if you insist, but I wonder if the materials that are used for the solar panels, batteries, charge regulator, and pump are just going to stay in their current states until someone comes along and seperates each into groups or identical molecules and breaks down or reassembles them into something different in a nuclear reactor. That seems like the only way to perfectly recycle things.

    True, but if they already exist and you can get your hands on them easily enough, go for it :)

    That just means you are unable to relate or unable to comprehend the relevance.

    I think your comment actually lacks a bit of relevance, it's 'easy' to say something totally inconstructive.