Aquaponics in a Drawer

Introduction: Aquaponics in a Drawer

Hi all, greetings! I am showcasing an aquaponics farm that I built in a drawer. The lowermost drawer houses the shrimp (we could'nt keep fish because of ethics issues) and water is pumped from this level with a pump to the upper drawers where the plants are kept. Holes are drilled in the drawers so that water drips down to the shrimp tank. The whole project cost under 50 dollars and can be stored in the corner. There is no need for a air pump in the system because the water continuously flows through the system bringing in oxygen for the shrimp. Remember not to overfeed your shrimp though. Hope you like the prototype!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    looks cool................. but where are the instructions. The shrimp sounds like a great solution. I would have never thought of it. If you haven't guessed I want more information because this looks like a worthwhile project.