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Introduction: Aquarium LED Bar

This LED was first made for a large aquarium (last photo), it last for many years, probably u can search it in instructable 's comment somewhere. So, it really works for small tank.

This time, I need to change a smaller tank and hence fine tune this LED.

Step 1: LED Bar

Since it is a small tank, I use two 1W High power LED together with a LED driver.

They are secured in a small thin aluminum sheet.

The 1W LED secured on the aluminum sheet and the sheet itself can use as heat sink (although it is not very hot), BTW, the thin sheet can be cut with a pair scissor.

Then I got a pair of L-shaped metal pieces and a piece of plastic stick from Tamiya.

So This project (cost < US$5) only use soldering tools, scissor, and drill, easy ?

Step 2: Power Source

I think every people have non-using USB transformer come from mobile phone or else.

I cut the jack and solder it with copper pins.

and I had solder dupon on the LED driver and connected to the transformer.

At the other end of the LED bar, I use a zip tie to secure it .

Step 3: Placing the LED Bar

The LED Bar actually placing on the tank with angles, this make sure u can't directly see the bright light from LED. U can also move the LED bar as u like.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice ! I too did a similar prj with 4 1w LEDs with no driver(bit uninformed about them) but a AC DC convertor. LINK . Currently i swapped the red with Whites for blueish white like in Ocean :o