Aquarium Pallet Table - With Wheels




Inspired by pallet tables, I decided to make one for my turtle's aquarium.
Cost: around 80 Euros (wheels, primer, lacquer)

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Step 1: Prepare Pallet

Cut the pallet to desired dimensions. Aquarium is 60x 60 cm. Table is 67x67.
Sand sand sand, depending on how smooth you want it to be. I didn't spend too much time with this step.

Step 2: Primer and Lacquer Time

Clean the sand (I used a vacuum cleaner and a wet cloth) and apply 1 coat of primer. Let it dry (10 hours it said on the primer's can).
Apply 1-2 coats of lacquer. I used an exterior lacquer, as I will use the table outside during warm seasons.

Step 3: Wheels

Mark the positions, pre-drill and mount the wheels.

Step 4: Done!

Clean the aquarium and the turtle for the final photo-session and place it on its very nice table.

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