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Introduction: Arabic to English Pizzeria Terms

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Translation sheet of Arabic to English terms for use in a pizzeria. Includes food, toppings, numbers, streets and other useful terms. Made for an Arabic-speaking worker at a pizzeria in the Financial District in Manhattan. Attached as PDF.



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    Better... you have "Ham" directly translated to "elHam" which is "meat" in arabic. In MY humble opinion- the street names are proper names and the words for the street names should NOT be translated into their arabic counterparts, i.e.: "Maiden Lane"=

    البكر لين

    Perhaps it should be merely phonetically laid out in arabic script instead of trying to translate "Maiden" and "Liberty" simply phonetically change from English characters to arabic script yet still keeping the proper name intact. Understand? This would avoid a lot of confusion! Sounds like you've made a lot of work for yourself that could have been a lot simpler indeed. Anyway hope you learn Arabic anyway as it is a very easy language to learn. لم

    Uh.. you do realize arabic is written from Right to Left? Your arabic is backward. If it was meant for an arabic speaker- perhaps you could have written it totally in arabic script but english phonetics instead. Anyway- remake it but print the arabic script correctly and not backward.

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    Ok, it has been updated. Showed it to a native speaker of Arabic and they were ok with it. Any mistakes, feel free to let me know.