Arc Reactor Light




Introduction: Arc Reactor Light

Here we will be making a light using 3D printing. The light will be based off of Iron Man's Arc Reactor.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials Include:
Onshape (for designing the light)
-Onshape website or app will work
Arduino (for powering the light)
Three Blue LEDs (for light)

Step 2: Design Ar Reactor Symbol

The Arc Reactor Symbol is the top of the light. It will be placed on a base in step three. To design your arc reactor plate, go online to Onshape and make a free account. After this, Use the above picture and/or the link to complete the design.

Step 3: Design Arc Core

The Arc Core will serve as the base of the light. The light we will placed into the Core and the Symbol will be placed on top. Use the images or this link to complete The Arc Core:

Step 4: Print Arc Symbol and Core

We used a laser-cutter and a 3D printer to cut our images, but you could just use a 3D printer. Transfer the data to the printer, and wait for your product.

Step 5: Program Arduino

To program your arduino, input this code into it's program system. After this, set up you LED lights and your breadboard. The arduino came with wires, lights, and a breadboard so you should have the materials. Follow the image above to set up your circuitry.

Step 6: Assembly

Place breadboard inside the arc core, glue the inside ridge of the arc core, place the arc symbol on the glue. After waiting for it to dry, plug it in and your lights will begin to blink. This is now you final product.

Optional: If you wish, you can laser cut a plastic circle (4 inches in diameter) to glue onto the symbol for protection.

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    Awesome Arc Reactor. You should enter this in the 3D printing contest.