20 years ago i played Run and Gun @ the Arcade and now decided to built my own Arcade.

After purchasing buttons and stick on and getting the MDF wood it was started to start with the design

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Step 1: The Build

i used an old PC and old monitor for this.

I started the design with cardboard.

When cutting the wood i decided to go for a tabletop arcade

i attached the motherboard and PSW to the base. Drilling holes for the buttons.

Step 2: Playtest

before screwing and glueing all the pieces together i first did some playtest using the MAME emulator

Roms can be found on :

Top games :

  1. The NewZealand Story
  2. Run and Gun
  3. Metal Slug
  4. Golden Axe
  5. Pac Man

Step 3: Finishing the Arcade

i connected USB speakers in the top of the arcade and used the LED fans on both sides to cool the motherboard.

I decided to give it a black paintjob and never got round to apply stickers on it.

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    26 days ago

    Nice work man but i would put six buttons to play Street Fighter 2... anyway is a cool project.