Arcade Pushbutton With Plastic Bottle Cap




Introduction: Arcade Pushbutton With Plastic Bottle Cap

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  • Plastic Bottle Cap
  • Rubber O'ring with inner top and bottom walls
  • Washer of the same or a bit bigger size of the O'ring
  • Wood stick
  • Pushbutton switch
  • Protoboard
  • Spring of the length as the depth of the plastic cap
  • Wire, soldering iron and hot glue

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Step 1: Important Notes

As you see, the most important and unusual part, is the O'ring. it can be of any size, as far as:

1) it has top and bottom inner walls. this will hold the washer on the bottom and the plastic cap in the top, as you see here.

2) it must be of rubber, to have the flexibility to adapt to the form of the bottle cap and the washer.When you already have it, you can buy a washer that has the same or slighter larger size of the O'ring

Step 2: Assembling

Insert the washer inside the O'ring, adjust to one of the edges inside of it

Step 3: Adding the Pushbutton

Solder the switch pushbutton in the protoboard with a couple of wires and glue it to the washer

Step 4: Working With the Wood Stick

Grab the wood stick, and put it inside the bottle cap and use the border ofit to get the correct length and cut a part of it

With the part you just cut out, put in on top of the washer and use the top of thepushbutton switch whiteout pressing it, to cut it in the exact length needed.

Finally, glue the cut wood stick to the center of the bottle cap

Step 5: Isolate the Contacts

If your spring is metallic, aislate the contacts of the pushbutton with a bit of tape

Step 6: To Finish, Add the Spring and the Bottle Cap!

Insert the spring on top of the pushbutton switch and secure it with the bottle cap

And you just made it ! An arcade pushbutton with a plastic bottle cap and a couple of other materials!If you like the content, be sure to follow us.

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    3 years ago

    Good idea! I actually did the same thing but your design is better!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks! glad that you liked it !