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In this simple instructble I will walk you through the basics of making an arcade machine themed phone holder/stand. If you're an avid mobile gamer then this might peek your interest. I love playing video games on my phone especially ones that were originally made for consoles. While I love playing games on my phone some are just not meant for touch screen control. For this I use an Ipega controller and an Xbox 360 controller which offers perfect comfort for gaming using my phone. Since my hands are tied up using the controller my phone stands on the kick stand provided by the case. Well I should say ''stood''. My kickstand recently broke and is now useless so I needed to come up with a new way to stand my phone up so I can play games using a controller. I really did not want to purchase another case just to use the stand that will break again so I decided to make one. I have seen quite a few of DIY stands but I wanted one that emphasized the purpose of it. After a few minutes of thinking I decided to make an arcade themed phone stand. I figured it was perfect for the application!

Step 1: Materials

You are going to need cardboard, hot glue gun, ruller, square, hobby knife kit, marker, pen and paper and spray paint. Simple bill of materials.

I started out wanting to make this out of some left over 1/4 inch wood but I quickly changed to cardboard after making the template out of cardboard for the wood.

Step 2: Measure Your Phone

You don't want to make your phone stand based off assumptions of size so it is important to measure it. I wanted to leave my phone case on so I had to measure it with the case. You want to measure the length, width and height and write them down on a quick thumbnail sketch so you will remeber.

Step 3: Plan

First thing you want to do is sketch a design. Since I wanted an arcade machine I started sketching basic arcade machine shapes. After a few thumbnails I decided to go with one that looks like a bar top table arcade machine.

When planning the shape you want to figure out how your phone will sit inside of the case. You have to use the width of your phone to accomplish this. Then you need to make a channel in your case the same width as your phone so your phone will rest perfectly. You don't want to make it too deep or it might effect viewing your screen. I point out the channel in the picture.

Step 4: Start the Side and Top of the Arcade Holder

With my simple design the only odd shape is the sides. So I drew out the side shape to scale on a piece of cardboard. I found it easy to draw a rectangle with the height and width of the case in mind then add all the other features one at a time while keeping the size of my phone in mind. Once the side is drawn you can copy it identically for the other side, then you can start the top of the case. The top of the case will be used to hold the sides together while shaping everything else. The top needs to meet the measurements of the phones length. My phone was 6 in. and 5/16ths long (on its side). So my case needs to be that wide in order to fit my phone. So the top needs to be 6 in. and 5/16ths long. draw the shapes on the cardboard and cut it out using a hobby knife.

Step 5: Start Assembly

To help with making the other pieces of the arcade you can hot glue the top piece to the side pieces. Doing so will help identify other pieces needed and will save time with some measuring

Step 6: Add the Back and Bottom

For the back and bottom I just placed the case over cardboard, hotglued it then I cut around the case tracing the edge with my knife. This way I will get a perfect fit.

Step 7: Finishing Pieces

After the sides, top, and bottom are done you will need to cut a few more pieces. You will need to cut a piece for the front, the channel and the top panel where the joy stick and buttons on an actual arcade will go. just measure, cut and glue.

Step 8: Cleaning It Up a Bit

By now all the pieces should be hot glued into place. You might want to go around the edges of where the pieces meet and clean it up using a hobby knife. Doing this will also help with painting.

Step 9: Paint!

I used recyled cardboard from a pizza box and to be honest the grease stains are not all appealing so to cover those up and add some style to the arcade machine I decided to spray paint the case black. Add some clear coat to protect the paint job

Step 10: Finished

A few hours after the paint has dried you should be enjoying your DIY arcade machine themed phone stand holder. I hope you enjoyed this little build! Thank you for your time.



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