Arch_Angel's Sniper Rifle




Introduction: Arch_Angel's Sniper Rifle

this is my sniper rifle I have made that combines the power of this guys firing pin and trigger system with the more accurate barrels of regular guns.
It was originally going to be modeled after the H&K mp5 but when i couldn't get a bottom feed magazine to work, I turned it into a sniper.

Step 1: Bulding the Stock and Handle

I decided to make this gun as sturdy as possible for the parts i had, some of the extras aren't needed but help in the performance of the gun.

First you will need to build the stock
1. build 3 of these
2. attach together like so (not pictured: attach three gray rods
to the white connectors so they are opposite the red connectors,
attach a dark gray connector to the middle rod)
3. build this, and attach the side with three green connectors
to the slot above the gray rods.
4. finished stock.
5. build 2 of these, and attach together with a white rod
and a dark gray connector as a spacer. ( i would take more pictures but all
I have is a camera phone and it's starting to get costly sending the pics to my email
6. attach handle to stock
7. finished stock/handle

Step 2: Trigger System

next up is the trigger made by ricky0207, to save on cost of text pics, im going to use a couple of his images, ricky, if you don't like me using your images then leave a comment and ill take them off.

1.this is the top of the trigger, and the piece that
holds the firing pin till you pull the trigger this but you add a few pieces to it (see picture)
3. attach to handle

now take the top trigger and attach it with rubber bands to the bottom, see ricky's instructable for more details on this part.

Step 3: Front Handle

you may be able to use rickys original design for a handle, but I didn't like the feel of his handel so i built this sturdier one.

1. build 2 of these 1 of these
3/4. attach together like so
5.attach to rest of gun, (theres really not to much left now)
6. make these
7. attach to end of handle like this.

Step 4: Barrel/bipod

i designed the barrel to also be a bipod, at this point i was running out of parts so i just used two red bars as the bipod,I'm sure if someone wants to they could build a better one for this setup. but it serves it's purpose.

1attach as many red connectors as will fit on a gray rod,
using the middle slot of the connector, then attach 2
red rods on one of the ends of the barrel.
2. attach to gun.
3. build firing pin

Step 5: Firing

here are some pictures of the gun after being fired and cocked back.

to fire simple pull back the firing pin till it locks into place, add projectile to front, and pull trigger.
my first instructable is officially in just 1 hour.



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    59 Discussions

    im sorry.... but this gun performs like well... im sory to say but the worst gun ive ever made, i must have done something wrong, along the way but , maybe like 5 feet with 5 bands like the design, o and by the way the firing pin orange peice comes off every time

    1 reply

    what range do you get? Furthermore, how easy to break is it? does it shake itself apart every time you shoot?

    2 replies

    probably around 30 ft, it's pretty sturdy, the only part that will come apart will be the firing pin, will shoot out the barrel after around 200 shots, just switching the yellow part will fix that, also one of the walls of my room is one of these, and its powerful enough to shoot straight through it.

    OK ive got a problem, the bullet that i use doesnt come stairght out of the barrel it twists and roles and misses target plz give a tip ps i use yellow rod as bullet

    I build the gun today lol it took me 3 hours to build and 5 hours to gain information.. but the result is great! The gun is perfectly working. thnx arch angel.

    OK your pics could have done better, but.... IT LOOKS SO AWESOME!!! its a really nice design. Gonna try it tomorrow.. (if have some time, otherwise i will make some time) gj rating +2 if that is possible...

    Yeah, the guys was sending the pictures from his phone to his email account, and that costs you to do that. but if you bluetooth them, its free!! but you need a bluetooth phone and a bluetooth adapter for you pc

    I made a semi-good mod for this. it takes away the flaws in the trigger system (top thing flying out of whack.) it adds power, too. the only problem is that the firing ping grey rod falls off of the yellow. (just have to superglue the firing pin together) I'll post pics as soon as i get my cam some new batteries.

    1 reply

    hey..that shoulda come put as alt 3(heart) alt 4-6(other card thingies..y did it come out as ancinet lanmguages and buisness signs? lets see wat pipes turn out as ╔════╬╧══

    +it doesnt wrk for me ~ ♥♦♣♠ ill play some cards to end my depression

    it doiesnt say where to put that 1st peice thats like green with white rod, white rod, orange wiht white rod

    yea, use the 4th pic as refrence,...i think ib roke my finger...ow...time for 1 handed type...i think the brown peice in between the 2 orane is a brown hubcap peice(the 1 with a tiny pole stiiking out the top)ow

    awesome gun, i just took apart knex rifle, and ill try to build yours, kinda small, but perfect cause im rather small >.<