Archery Target Folder



I compete in archery, and after competitions, there are always a bunch of leftover 122 cm FITA target faces. The club lets us keep used targets if we want.

I kept a target face my sister used, because it was in pretty good shape for surviving a half fita shoot.
I also wanted a cool folder for school, so the solution was to make a target folder :D

The target had too many holes to use by itself. But I liked the arrow holes. If anything, they gave it character. Because of the holes, I took an old folder in good condition and used that for the base. 

You can use other sheets for a neat folder like this, not just a target. You can use maps, newspapers, book pages, and more! 

Step 1: Materials

To make this folder, you will need:
  • a target face (or map, newspaper, comic book, book, etc.)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paintbrush (medium sized)
  • old folder (in okay condition)
  • ruler/tape measure
  • mod podge (optional)

Step 2: Measure

  • Measure the width of the folder (12" for me)
  • Measure the width of the pocket of the folder (5" for me)
  • Measure the length of the open folder (19" for me)

Add the width of the folder to the width of the pocket. This will be the width of the rectangle you will cut out.

Add an inch to the length of the open folder. This measurement will be the length of the rectangle.

My rectangle was 17" by 20".

Step 3: Mark

Mark the correct size rectangle on your target/map/etc on the place you want.

Mine was 17" by 20".

Step 4: Cut

Cut out the rectangle.
There was a conveniently placed arrow hole next to the corner of the rectangle, so I started cutting there. :)

Then, place the folder on top of the rectangle. There is a cut curve next to the pocket in order to let the papers slide to the end of the pocket. Mark and cut a similarly shaped, opposite facing curve at the same height.

Step 5: Fold

  • Lay the folder on the back side of the target.
  • Trace the folder
  • Extend the vertical lines to the end of the rectangle
  • Draw a 30 degree angle as in the second picture
  • Cut off the bottom corner sections as in the third picture
  • Fold up the bottom pocket and the side flaps

Step 6: Glue

  • Pour some glue into a container. I used an old egg carton.
  • Paint glue onto the back edges of the folder, and near the spine. Make sure to use scrap paper underneath to prevent making a mess.
  • Lay the folder onto the target rectangle, aligned with the top edge and equidistant from the left and right sides.
  • Paint more glue on the edges of the pockets, and fold the pocket up
  • Paint glue along the edge flaps, and fold them over the pockets.
  • Let dry.

Step 7: Finished!

You are finished!

If you want, you can paint mod podge onto it to seal it and make it shiny.
Now go to school or work and show off your folder :)



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