Archery Range

Introduction: Archery Range

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this also can be used by k'nex guns, but targets will need large ammo or such force to be knocked down.

click here for an awesome bow and arrow that goes with this

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Step 1: Piece Count

you will need:

28 blue rods

32 red or gray quarter moon connectors

14 yellow rods

13 white rods

11 orange connectors

12 yellow connectors

6 green rods

4 black connectors

 9 gray rods

9 snowflake connectors

6 small triangle plates

10 blue spacers

5 medium triangle plates

4 large triangle plates

1 extra large triangle plate

4 small square plates

4 medium square plates

Step 2: The Targets

there are multiple targets to be made so get workin!

Step 3: The Target Holders

this lets the target fall down so you can knock down the targets. now build!

Step 4: Attatch the Targets and Target Holders

Just attatch what you just built together. basic stuff.

Step 5: Create the Base

this is the LLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGGEEEEESSSSSTTTTT part of the build. so just take your time.

Step 6: Create the Arrows

these are optional if you aren't an archer.

Step 7: Done!


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