DIY Archimedes Death Ray Mirrors From Flat Mirrors

Introduction: DIY Archimedes Death Ray Mirrors From Flat Mirrors

About: You may recognize Dan and Denise Rojas from their appearances in various made for tv movies and national commercials. As the hosts of Green Power Science, they share Fresnel lens and alternative energy ideas...

95 FEET TARGET. This is the final video in the Archimedes Heat Ray aka Death Ray. I think it would have been possible. Previous tests had the following flaws.

Flat Mirrors;
By adding a mild beNd to the mirror, the light can be concentrated at 100 ft for a 12 inch mirror or larger. This increases each mirrors power by 2-10 times in a smaller area depending on the size. This also opens the door to using larger mirrors vs many tiny ones.

The goal behind a weapon is deterrence theory. This pointed at a person would make fighting impossible. You start to burn in 3 seconds. You CANNOT STAND IN THIS BEAM....AT ALL!!!!.
Mirror Quality;

Much has been made about how great todays mirrors are vs polished metal mirrors. Metal mirrors offer the advantage of being a true "FIRST SURFACE MIRROR". All glass mirrors are second surface so you lose about 10% reflective power as the light is absorbed by the glass. This would flatten the curve of mirror quality.

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