Architectural Gingerbread




First I googled some pics of Architectural Gingerbread so I could get a rough idea of what I want.  With a felt pen I drew out my design on some extra thick scrap plywood.  I then drilled some holes to make it easier to cut with a jig/saber saw. To make sure my patterns were correctly repeated and reversed,  I just placed the first cut piece on the next section of plywood and then used spray-paint to capture/transfer the shape. I then filled the holes you will find in the edges of cut plywood with painter's calk. and used the calk to add textured designs on the face of the scrolls. After a few days to dry the calk I painted them with some salvaged exterior house paint as a primer. (this time blue). We will be painting the whole house once I decide I'm finished pimpin' it up....




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