Architecture in the Making



These projects are the product of an architecture design studio taught by Adam Marcus (Variable Projects) and Margaret Ikeda & Evan Jones (ASSEMBLY) at California College of the Arts Division of Architecture in spring, 2014. The studio, titled "Architecture In The Making," explored pragmatic opportunities for leveraging digital fabrication technologies in the design and construction of highly performative building facades. While developing proposals for a new building for REALM Charter School in Berkeley, California, the studio collaborated with the Autodesk / Instructables Pier 9 Workshop in San Francisco to produce a series of full-scale building envelope prototypes. Fabricated from 18 ga. steel, these prototypes allowed the students to work at 1:1 scale and to develop a comprehensive understanding of performance, detailing, and assembly. (See this link for more information on the studio.)

Students: Taole Chen, Adika Djojosugito, Joshua Evans, Benjamin Grabstein, Reynaldo Kambey, Veronica Leung, Abelino Robles, Colby Rosenwald, Martinus Setiawan, Setareh Taghvaei, Mallory Van Ness, Shan Yu