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Introduction: Arctic Egg Display

You too can make this beautiful egg for display in your home to remind you of the grace and fraglity of our world and the dexterity of your fingers. Or just cos you like polar bears. Or eggs? For this project you will need:

White glue (preferable)
Coloured paper - if you are copying exactly you should have white, blue and some yellow and orange for the sun.
White acrylic paint (if you are not using a white egg to begin with).
Thin cardboard
An egg, or if you are prone to breakages - two eggs
A needle
A small paintbrush
Bowl (for the contents of the egg)
Exacto knife

Step 1:

Step 1
After gathering your materials, proceed thus:

Pierce the egg at both ends with the needle.
Blow out insides of egg into bowl. (feel free at this point to pause and put the egg in the fridge, make an omlette or call yuor cat to eat the egg)

Once you have the empty egg, draw the shape of the opening with a pencil.
Score the egg with the exacto knife.
Repeat the scoring, being careful to stay on the same lines until your knife goes through the egg shell.
Gently remove the cut away piece.
Rinse the egg well under the tap and dry gently. This is a good time for the omlette.

If you have never tried this before or you just want t o make lots and lots of display egg things - blow out several eggs at the same time. This will save time in the long run.

Step 2:

Step 2

Now you have a lovely egg with quite a big hole.
The next step is to get ready the background colour.
Cut a shape similar to the egg shape but a little smaller as you want it to sit in the back of the egg. it doesnt need to be perfect and can be shorter at the bottom because we will cover that up later. I use the tweezers to test out the sze then trim until I am happy.

Step 3:

Step 3
Cut out your icebergs using the white paper.
Starting with some bigger ones, glue onto the blue background.
between each piece glue a small piece of cardboard (I used the backing to the coloured paper I bought).
Try and pace the carboard nearer to the bottom than the top for a better effect. This will help give the icebergs a 3D effect.
Repeat until you are satisfied with your iceberg array.
Cut out and glue on the sun.

Step 4:

Step 4

Put a small amount of glue on the back of the blue paper - careful not to put it on the front unless this is the effect that you want- as it will usually dry a different colour.

Insert into the egg and press (gently) into position.

Rip up some paper into small squares (about 2x2 cm) and squish them into small balls.
Line the bottom of the egg with a bit of white glue using your paintbrush.
Place the small paper balls (about the size of the spit balls you used to make at school) onto the glue in the bottom of the egg.
Add a bit more glue and continue to add paper balls until the bottom of the egg has reached the level you would like the ground to be in your egg.

Cut up some more paper in small uneven shapes for the ice on the ground.
add more glue and layer the shapes flat on top of the piled up balls.
I like to add lots of glue to the paper at this stage because I like the effect of the dried glue on the paper.

Step 5:

Step 5:

I used a brown egg as thats all they have in my neighbourhood and I thought that the brown exterior was a bit distracting so I painted the outside using white acrylic paint. I had to add many layers to make it opaque.

I also didn't like how ragged the cut around the outside was and since I didn't have any snad paper to hand, I mixed white glue and paint together and made a more robust medium for the edge of the gg which I layered on to give it a softer, rounder effect.

Step 6:

Step 6:

For the base -

Use the left over white paper and made a paper cone.

Cut a cross into the cone near the top on the side and folded the edges back to create a space for the egg to fit snuggly.

Hold the egg in place and wait for the glue to dry.

Step 7:

Step 7:

Cut our your ploar bear.

Put some glue on his feet and hold him up with the tweezers until he dries anough to stand in place.

Stand back and admire. Marvel at your own achievements. Pat yourself on the bck - you have done it!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    That's amazing! I don't think I can top this. +5/5 stars. (added to favorites)


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I love polar bears! At first I though it was made from an ostrich's egg, it looks quite big on the main image, but it's a chicken egg, that's pretty intricate work. Great job, it looks really cool!