Arduin0 Spotwelder - Max Weld V2.0

Unlike the previous version that uses a TRIAC which is designed to
conduct in both directions in a AC circuit which makes them ideal for any AC load control. Max weld has two SCRs rated 16A each. The two scrs in a back to back configuration makes the overall design more robust and reliable which is controlled by just one optocoupler making them ideal when driving inductive loads such as Motors and transformers.

Max Weld now incorporates a jumper to select 115/230vac with the following new features

  1. 120/240 voltage selector
  2. Micro Weld resistors or fuses for 18650 packs
  3. LED indicators for PULSE, READY and POWER
  4. Dual SCR design
  5. Input and output are fused
  6. TVS diodes protection D10, D11 and D13
  7. AC/DC Optical isolation
  8. Optional RC grade servo connector
  9. Wide range weld time from 10ms-500msInfinite Weld cycle
  10. On-board serial programming port2 (line) x 16 (character) I2C LCD
  11. Precision controlled servo Trim pots
  12. Audible feedback
  13. 4 modes of configuration
  14. All values are saved to the EEPROM except for the Weld Time

Step 1: Upload Your Firmware

With FTDI port everyone can update the firmware or upload new versions as they published here.

Step 2: Microweld Option

A wide range of weld time to choose from. Pre-weld can be used as lower the weld current and disable dual weld by setting the W2 to zero to weld micro components like resistors or fuse wires for battery packs.



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