Arduino 8x8 LED Matrix With Button


In this instructable, I am going to show how to use an LED Matrix by Arduino. Following the step carefully, and you will make it successfully!

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Step 1: Prepare Tools and Components

Arduino Leonardo


5V power supply

8x8 LED matrix with MAX7219

head wires


Electrical conductance (electronic color code: white brown orange black brown brown)

Step 2: Connect Circuit

  • Matrix-breadboard(picture 1)

Max7219 CLK => Arduino digital pin10

Max7219 CS => Arduino digital pin9

Max721 DIN => Arduino digital pin8

Max721 GND => Arduino digital GND

Max721UCC => 5v

  • Button-breadboard(picture 2)

Pin 1 => 5v

Pin 2 => conductance(the other pin connects to GND) and Arduino digital pin2

  • Final circuit(picture 3)

Step 3: Programming Code


The function of this code is when you press down the button, the LED matrix will appear in the shape of a heart. Changing the code can help you generate different patterns on the Matrix. In the following pictures, you will learn how to change the code on shaping shapes.

(Pictures from

Step 4: Decorating

Can you think of any use of this instructable? I think it’s a good tool when you are making a birthday gift to your love. In the following pictures, you will find out how to make it.

Prepare a box and make 2 holes. (one for matrix, another for button) (Picture 1 and 2)

Decorate your box! (Picture 3)

Choose a nice gift and give it to your love!

Step 5: Video

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